Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Recapping for Assessment with Recap

Here's something that's new to me that is making a big impact with some of the teachers in my district. It's called Recap and it's a completely free assessment resource available on the web or on your iPad. The power of the tool is that it allows you to get your students create short video responses to your questions or prompts. Great for a quick assessment at the end of class or something to report back to you after trying something out at home.

So what makes Recap so great? Check it out:
  • Teachers can record a video question or type one up to send to their students
  • Students easily sign up with a pin or their Google account
  • New updates allow you to include up to 10 questions in your assessment, but you can also send out as few as one
  • Send your questions to one student or the entire class -- great for differentiation
  • You can set a response time - guide students to get to the point
  • Reflection tool after the assessment allows students to judge how well they think they did
  • Reportable data to see how students did in their assessment by each student or an aggregate of the entire class
  • Option to leave feedback on student videos
  • Review reel lets you get a video of all student responses spliced and edited together with graphics and music - a great sharing out tool
  • Share out the links to individual videos - great for sharing activities with parents or administrators
It's super easy to get started. Create your account by connecting to your Google account. Next, just create your class and create a question for students to respond to. You can create a text question, or you can create a question and upload a video of your own to go with it.

After you've created your question, it's super easy to share it out with your students. I would recommend having your students log in with their Google accounts, but if you just want to add your students manually and have then sign in with a pin, you can do that as well--but be warned, if you use the pin, students could easily log in as each other. 

Once you have your first question created, share it out. Your students will log in with their email or their pin, see your question, and record their response to it. 

After the student responds they can review their answer, rate whether or not they think they "got it" and then submit. If they feel like they would like to rerecord their response, they can. It's all about having the student record a quick and to the point response to a question -- that's why it's so great for formative assessments.

After your students have recorded their responses, you can get back in and check on how they did. Recap gives you some pretty awesome reporting and review tools to go over your students' work.

In your overview report you will see your students self assessment. Along the bottom you have a thumbnail of each individual student's response. But then you have the coolest tool of all -- the Daily Review Reel in which you will get a video complete with every student response played back to back with some slick sound and animations included to round out the package. This would be great to review student responses as a class or to simply help you get a snapshot view of how your students did on a quick assessment.

After you have reviewed your students overall, you can go in and review each student individually. There is a place for you to type up some feedback and return it to your students. This is a great place to leave some commentary about how they did, what worked, or maybe what they need to work on.

Even with all this, perhaps the coolest feature of Recap is the sharing tool. Was a student's response so awesome that you just need to share it with your team? Want to email it to the student's parents so they can share the awesome? Sharing Recap responses is super easy.

Just click the attachment button on the student's video response and find a weblink, Tweet it out, or email it directly by popping in an email address.

Recap makes a lot of the things we place importance on very easy. It's an innovative tool that allows students to express and create. It provides a powerful tool for assessment with and efficient and meaningful data and feedback tool. And you can share the great things your students do easily with a few clicks of a button. I am excited about continuing to use Recap in classrooms. Definitely check it out!

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