Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Maker Summer

As this school year wraps up and the cycle of a year in education begins anew, I take to my blog to do a offer myself, and maybe even you, dear reader, a challenge. Let's make this a "Maker Summer".

I'ts my opinion that as we become adults and professionals we tend to lose our creative spirit. We create less. We consume more. We sit idly by and let the world happen to us rather than leaving some sort of  impression on the world. We leave a footprint of who we are based on what we consume rather than what we have created. That's a shame. 

This has become more and more obvious as I see my own children trying to consume more and more and creating less and less. More video games, more TV shows, less Play-Doh, less perler beads. As I have noticed this change in my own children, I realized this was a reflection of my day to day. I don't take time to express myself through creative outlets -- why would my children?

So this is going to be a Maker Summer. A season of disconnecting and stretching myself creatively and artistically. To find inspiration.

And let me get one thing clear -- I don't plan on becoming some crafty crafter overnight. I realize that things we create are rarely something new -- rather they are a remix or a new take on something someone has already done. I'm looking for ideas all over the place. So, internet, I'll be stealing quite a few ideas from you this summer.

This week I am going to start with a compost bin. And then I want to make one of those signs that points to places all over the world with the distance in miles listed. I know, so cool and original, but it's just a start. And hopefully a way that I can kickstart my brain to start thinking creatively a little more.

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