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Thanks so much for visiting! I currently serve as the instructional technology facilitator for Fulton Public Schools in Fulton, MO. In this role I find myself in a variety of positions and projects almost every day. Sometimes I am showing kindergarten students how to log in to a Chromebook, the next day I might be working with sophomore Spanish students on dialogue videos, and I might follow that up with some middle school innovation projects. The variety of my position is why I love what I do so much.

My passions and common presentation topics include:
  • Creativity and Design in the Classroom
  • Digital/Media Literacy
  • Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety
  • Integration of Social Media and Digital Tools 
  • Teacher Leadership and Mentoring
  • Integration and Training with GSuite Edu (Google Apps for Education)
I love to network with other educators and learn from colleagues in the field. Shoot me an email at or tweet me @joshchoward if you'd like to connect. I am also happy to offer my skills or expertise for any professional development or workshops you are planning in the future.

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